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In 2017, the wave of knowledge payment hit. And this field has developed rapidly from the “Battle of the Four Kingdoms” to the battle of the giants. As the core provider of knowledge payment services. Why can KOL realize knowledge Indonesia Cell Phone Number realization in this wave of knowledge payment? What are the trends in this field? What are the bottlenecks in KOL’s knowledge realization road? And how can KOLs successfully Indonesia Cell Phone Number build their own paid knowledge products? 1. The status quo in the field of knowledge payment: from the “Four Kingdoms War” to the battle of the heroes First look at a set of data: At the Indonesia Cell Phone Number beginning of the year.

In 2017, the Wave Indonesia Cell Phone Number of .

On May 17, Zhihu launche the “Knowledge Market” and introduce rules like Taobao’s “7-day refund without reason”. Zhihu Live has been online for 11 months, 2,900 sessions have been held, more than 3 million people have  Indonesia Cell Phone Number participate, and the average hourly salary of the presenters has reache 11,000 yuan. On May 18th, a knowledge conference was held. Luo Pang release 12 knowledge products and an Indonesia Cell Phone Number  internal quality control manual. The sales volume of his subscription column has reached 2.06 million. On June 3, Qian Liao held the “Knowledge Realization Breakthrough” summit, inviting Indonesia Cell Phone Number  more than 300 KOLs. The platform has 800,000 registere lecturers.

On May 17, Zhihu Indonesia Cell Phone Number Launche.

Indonesia Cell Phone Number
Indonesia Cell Phone Number

In three days, 3.42 million members were gathere, and member sales reache 61.14 million. According to the news release by the platform, the monthly average ARPU value of its paying users has exceede 90 yuan this year. Looking at the Indonesia Cell Phone Number above data, it can be analyze that last year, the battle of the Himalayas, Zhihu Live, Fen Answer, and the “Four Kingdoms”, and the frequent movements of the “heroes” in the first Indonesia Cell Phone Number half of this year, especially in May-June, all indicate the arrival of the wave Indonesia Cell Phone Number of knowledge payment and its becoming the next The powerful potential of the outlet. And what role do KOLs play in this wave? 2. What is KOL? KOL means key opinion leader (Key Opinion Leader), which is often an authoritative person or relate group in a certain industry field. .

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