Define The Content Types You Will Use

Now it’s time to choose the tools and instruments you’ll use to implement your content strategy:

Content management system is a system use to manage the content of a website or blog
These systems are extremely useful because you can manage all the content in a single place, but a majority of them are also SEO-friendly and really easy to use.

Here are some of the best:

  1. WordPress
  2. Drupal
  3. Joomla

Define The Content Types You Will Use

There are different 1000 Mobile Phone Numbers types of content, and some might work better for you than others. The best way to figure this out is through trial and error & by tracking what content performs well for your competitors.


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These are the 3 most popular and effective types of content:

Typically blogs are written bloggers, but if you have a larger team with resources to write eBooks, then they should make time for blog posts as well. SEO specialists must work closely with these resources as blog posts are usually a company’s best gateway to higher organic search rankings.The types of blogs include:

  • How-to – Posts: Typically the well performing posts on the organic search, these are posts that teach a reader how to do something.
  • List Posts – These are search friendly posts that can be informative or just entertaining.
  • Thought Leadership Posts- These posts are those that make the reader rethink a convention wisdom or explain the fundamental shifts in an industry.
  • News jacks – This is content on news in the industry or unexpected tie-ins with the popular news.
  • Info graphics/Slide Shares – These are blog posts that primarily use visual content to tell a story.

Types Of Premium Assets To

Premium or gated assets are the more intense pieces that are in the longer form. These don’t exist on a blog. They are use for lead generation, building a contact base, and the brand building purpose.

  • Ebooks – One of the popular formats, content is represented through a PDF format.
  • Research Reports – Often presented as a gated PDF, or an ungated microsite.
  • Webinars – Though time-intensive, webinars may feature. A guest speaker who brings his or her own audience, which can help broaden the top of the funnel.
It’s extremely useful to keep you organized.

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