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Sometimes you need to create a survey quickly. Not a full survey, just one question with multiple answers. It can help to make a choice, to know the opinion of his friends or simply to smell the spirit of the times. Many services already exist to create surveys quickly, whether for a blog, for Facebook or directly online. In this line, Kwiqpoll has a major advantage: it allows you to launch a survey in less than 2 minutes. Simply enter a question accompanied by several possible answers and validate. The survey is ready to use.Once created, the survey will be accessible for 7 days. You will be able to view the results for 7 more days.

No Archiving, No Limitation of the Number

Valentine’s Day isn’t just about giving gifts or flowers. You can also do a good deed, without spending a penny, and win gifts. The Solidays festival has Estonia Phone Number thus chosen the feast of lovers to set up awhich makes it very easy to mobilize against AIDS. Developed on a voluntary basis by the  agency , it allows you to add your avatar to a mosaic that will represent love. To take part in the operation and show your support for the cause defended by, simply go to the tab on the Solidays Facebook page. The application simply collects your avatar to create the mosaic, your first and last name to contact you if you win. 

The Ease and Speed of Use of Course Has the Effect

Estonia Phone Number List
Estonia Phone Number List

You have until February 24 to participate in the operation. It only takes a few seconds, it’s for a good cause, and you can win prizes: one year of Durex condoms, “pleasure kits” by DollHouse, a collector’s book by the Magnum agency, a day ticket for two people, a three-day pass for two people, and even a three-day VIP pass for two people.  Remember that the profits from the event are entirely donated to associations fighting against AIDS, and that the artists perform for free or for less than usual. After adding your avatar to the mosaic, you can also very easily change your cover for Facebook Timeline, adding the one created especially for the event. The opportunity for you to show 

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