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Benefits & optimization tips do To do content marketing well, you need to create less content do However, the popularity of the subscription model does not mean that every subscription will automatically catch on. As a provider, you have to be thoughtful and customer-oriented to maximize the chance of success. In my previous article about the Taiwan WhatsApp Number List subscription revenue model, I gave tips that can help with this.

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As you have introduced one or more attractive subscriptions to the market, in a sense, the real work begins monitoring, adjusting, and continuous learning. Insight is required for this. With the right subscription metrics, this insight is within reach. Make or break subscription metrics A nice side effect of the subscription revenue model is that in many cases you have more than enough data to measure.

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There is also a downside to a lot of data: not seeing the forest for the trees. Which means that you are unable to gain meaningful knowledge. It is therefore advisable to focus on the most essential make or break metrics. When measuring the results of your subscriptions. I list the top 8 metrics below.

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