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Grow your subscription revenue model (fast) Is there an ‘ideal’ outcome of LTV/CAC? Some argue that this value should be somewhere between 3 and 5. The idea is then that a ratio that is too low means that your profitability will come under Vietnam WhatsApp Number List pressure. Just think a ratio of 0.5 means that you spend 2 times more on acquisition costs than you ultimately earn back on a customer. Subscription revenue model metrics. Photo by Lukas from Pexels Also too high a value of LTV.

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You would say that it is only nice when the LTV of your customers is a multiple (for example 20) of the acquisition costs. That is of course true, but a high LTV / CAC ratio also means that you are ‘missing money. If you can acquire customers at very attractive acquisition costs (relative to their LTV), then there is a lot to be said for pushing.

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