Confessions of Singapore Cell Phone Number a Content Entrepreneur

Many people think that content entrepreneurship is so popular that making money is like picking up money. And they all hope that they can get rich overnight through content entrepreneurship. I have such a friend by my side. But Singapore Cell Phone Number unfortunately he “die first” before he graduate. Today I will tell you his story. Joining the tide of content entrepreneurship, what you earn is the first bucket of “surprise” in Singapore Cell Phone Number your life This friend of mine is calle Lao Li. As a Ph.D. in journalism. Lao Li feels that he has a creative talent. Before graduating, Lao Li focuse on content entrepreneurship. In September Singapore Cell Phone Number last year. With Baidu’s launch of its own content platform Baijia. Couple with Tencent’s Penguin account and Ali’s UC subscription account (later upgrade to Big Fish account), BAT finally gathere in the field of content entrepreneurship.

Many People Singapore Cell Phone Number Think That.

Lao Li feels that the industry that BAT is targeting must have a bright future, and there is nothing wrong with this. Therefore, he decide to seize the last big platform bonus period and chose Baijiahao as his position to devote himself to Singapore Cell Phone Number content entrepreneurship. After opening the Baijia account, Lao Li has always insiste on original entertainment content. Not only did he follow celebrity hotspots at the first time, but also his ability to organize materials for writing papers also allowe him to seek extensive Singapore Cell Phone Number citations and write in-depth gossip comments. Soon Lao Li forme his own style Singapore Cell Phone Number of writing, and gradually accumulate a lot of traffic. It is not a problem to earn hundreds of thousands of income a month. The smooth start made Dr. Li feel that the path he chose was very fast. This is a good start. In order to better understand the rules of the platform, Li, who is eager to learn, created a 10W+ explosive article like Li Meng beast as soon as possible.

Lao Li Feels Singapore Cell Phone Number That the Industry.

Singapore Cell Phone Number
Singapore Cell Phone Number

Joine many self-media exchange groups to learn and share various experiences. I don’t know if I don’t communicate. In various groups, Lao Li found that it is not a big deal to earn one or two thousand monthly income. There are Singapore Cell Phone Number many authors with monthly income of several thousand or tens of thousands. After a period of time, Lao Li finally realize that the master is in the folk, and it is useless to have a doctorate. At first, the high fighting spirit felt a little setback. Just when Lao Li felt uncomfortable, a few words Singapore Cell Phone Number from a Baijiahao exchange group made his eyes shine. The group owner not only Singapore Cell Phone Number claims to be able to train everyone on how to swipe advertisements, but also to copy them. As long as they pay and learn the technology, they can guarantee the income, and even teach them how to deal with the title. “There’s still such an operation?” Old Li, who heard about this cheating method for the first time, was bewildere. At first, Dr.

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