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Responsive In 2020 there were 3.9 billion daily email users. Of these, nearly half (46 percent) opened emails on a mobile device. That number has since Belgium WhatsApp Number List increased further. Therefore, make sure you have a responsive email design. You are probably thinking.

Yes, of course, Your Company

However, as an email marketing consultant, I still often receive emails in my inbox that are not responsive. Every email you send must be legible. On desktop, but also on mobile. Keep that in mind in your design. For example, make sure that a two-column object like the one below, and certainly(!) a three-column object, is not displayed next to each other.

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Your Company on your mobile

make sure they line up correctly. Or show a different header than the desktop version when the e-mail is loaded on a mobile device. If you use the same header, the text in that header may no longer be readable, due to scaling on a mobile device.

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