Competitive Analysis: Xiaohongshu, Koala Seagoing, Yangquan

As well as to the pursuit of personal quality of life. The needs of consumers are more personalized and differentiated, making the competition in the overseas e-commerce industry more and more fierce. This article analyzes the overseas shopping products of Xiaohongshu. The competing product Koala Seagoing, and Yangquan, and sees what they have to offer.

 Industry Background


As well as source: iiMedia Report “2019 China Cross-border E-commerce Development Trend Special Research Report”

Data show that the scale of cross-border e-commerce transactions in China is growing rapidly and is expected to reach 12.7 trillion yuan in 2020. At present, more and more merchants and platforms are paying attention to the cross-border e-commerce field, and the industry is expected to follow the early development trajectory of B2C e-commerce Thailand Phone Number and enter a period of rapid growth. In addition, the rapid development of the industry has attracted more companies to enter cross-border e-commerce. But its development still faces the problems of high customer acquisition costs and insufficient user experience. In this context, dual-line integration, live streaming and social communication have become three major trends in the development of the industry.

 User Scale

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Data source: iiMedia Report “2019 China Cross-border E-commerce Development Trend Special Research Report”

As well as shows that in recent years.The number of overseas Taobao users in China will continue to grow. And it is expected to reach 211 million in 2020. In the case of consumption upgrades, China’s overseas online shopping users continued to grow. And with the improvement of relevant policies and regulations. As well as tightening of market supervision. And the continuous progress of merchants in supply chain upgrades and product quality assurance. As well as consumers will conduct overseas shopping, and merchants and platforms will pay more attention to user experience. .


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