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Enjoy going to work every day. Building powerful results with your colleagues. From the office or from home. Does it sound like music to your ears, but do you mainly think ‘dream on’? The COCKTAIL method gives you the tools to get a feeling for Bolivia WhatsApp Number List inspiration. In the book ‘ Feeling for inspiration ‘ by Dorine Smilde, every step is a chapter.

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The hand through the COCKTAIL method. Let’s take a quick look at each step. Confrontation A confrontation is a clash or struggle and is the beginning of every development. We like to take the blame outside ourselves, but in doing so you miss the potential that the confrontation carries. Every collision invites you to personal development and growth.

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Itself the roots of inspiration. Disconnect This step is about letting go of the issues of the day and challenging you to take the time to turn inward. In silence, clear insights and desires arise. This delay causes acceleration later in the process. To create Now that you have a relaxed mind, you can fuel your creative powers. This creates ideas to develop yourself, your team, and the company.

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