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No rule says it has to be with images, video, or any particular type of channel. When you think about how best to reach a low intent audience, your Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List answer will soon be visual ads and branding channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and radio. Like it or not, channel bias almost always occurs. Bundling branding & performance marketing.

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To reach people higher in the funnel through classic ‘performance marketing channels’. Below are some examples of what is possible with Google Search Ads: Targeting ‘The best cycling routes in Amsterdam’ on Google and thereby generating traffic to your website. Target ‘kid-friendly bike rides’ and formulate the copy of your advertisements in such a way that X-brand bicycles are the best choice here.

Costa Rica WhatsApp Number List

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On a landing page about the ‘top ten best cycling routes in region X’. Social ads lead to a blog with a checklist for safe and enjoyable bike rides. As a result, people do not immediately buy a bicycle. But if your content offers added value, visitors will absorb relevant information. They get a positive image of your brand and remember you for a possible future purchase.

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