Colombia Names 13 Former Soldiers Among the Suspects in Haiti

A clearer picture of the group, which Haiti accuses of killing President Jovenel Moïse, came when Colombian Defense Ministry officials identifie 13 suspects by name and claime they were all former members of the Colombian army. Two have been kille, officials said, and another 11 are in custody. They said some had already travele to Haiti in May. In the past, some former members of the Colombian military, who receive significant financial support and training from the U.S. military, have serve as hire weapons after service. Colombians are attractive to those seeking military help because they often have years of experience fighting left-wing guerrillas and drug traffickers in their home country – often traine by U.S. experts.

Said the Defendants Left the Army

Colombian officials have condemne the attack and said they are doing everything they Ukraine Phone Number can to help. The Haitian government seek the truth. The head of the National Police, General Jorge Luis Vargas, said. Colombian officials had investigate four businesses that they believe had recruite people for the operation. One suspect, Francisco Eladio Uribe, was investigate by the country’s special peace court last year, according to documents obtaine by The New York Times. Mr Uribe has been accuse of involvement in a scandal known in Colombia as “false statements” in which hundreds of members of the army have been accuse of killing civilians and claiming to be fighting victims in order to show success in the country’s long civilian life.

General Luis Fernando Navarro

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In with W Radio, a woman who describe herself as Mr Uribe’s wife said they had both. Been marrie for 18 years and had three children, and that one day he left home. Saying he had a “very good job opportunity”. “She said her husband had been investigate but exempte from the war scandal. Colombian officials said some defendants had already left. Bogota in May and flew to Panama before traveling to the Dominican Republic and then to Haiti. Others, according to officials, arrive in the Dominican Republic in early June and left for Haiti. The two countries share the Caribbean island of Hispaniola.

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