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The goal is simple: earn the game’s 37 badges by answering puzzles. At your disposal, a very mysterious box of coffee and an old-fashioned command prompt. You will therefore have to call on your knowledge of geek culture if you want to win… Allergic to Star Trek, or even Wargames, go your way! References to cinema, literature and geek culture in general are indeed the basis of this game. To find the solution to each of the enigmas, you will have to think… They are hidden everywhere on the site, and the unearthing is already in itself sometimes complicated.

What Is the Answer to the Big Question About

Coffee1337 is actually the fruit of the imagination of  stores , a Lille company specializing Oman Phone Number List in the sale of coffees. With a nice story at the key: Michel Lejeune, store manager, passionate about geekeries of all kinds, proposed the idea to his management, who gave him carte blanche to develop the project. Causing, by his own admission, more than one sleepless night in order to concoct the puzzles! On the technical side, the game was produced by the  agency . The result is very successful, both in substance and form. Coffee1337 is very neat, down to the smallest detail.

The Game Is Reminiscent of the Excellent

Oman Phone Number List
Oman Phone Number List

We particularly liked this brand content operation, especially since. It is carried out by an SME which is absolutely not the core business. The objective here is to introduce Meo coffees, well established in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region but a little less outside, to a target that is a little different from the usual buyers. The game serves as a support for a range of coffees with a rather particular design, whose box is full of clues to find the solutions of the game. Don’t worry, it is possible to collect them without having the coffee in front of you, you can so play before tasting.

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