Case Analysis of Norway Cell Phone Number Internetization

Through the case of Internet decoration, the author explains in more detail how Internet+ “gathers users” and “manages products”. In the article “Think Before You Act | An Analysis of the Internetization of Traditional Enterprises” . We have put forward the following conclusions:Demand connection. Transformation of traditional Norway Cell Phone Number industries. Comparing these three parts, we can conclude that the following three core tasks need to be complete if the traditional industry is to successfully complete the +Internet Norway Cell Phone Number transformation:Gather people through traffic, manage and motivate people; Manage goods through payment system and order system.

Through the Norway Cell Phone Number Case of Internet.

Traditional Mode vs Internet Mode Analysis as shown: Traditional model : from manufacturer -> regional general agent -> distributor -> consumer. This model leads to a long supply chain and layer-by-layer price increases. And Norway Cell Phone Number the cost of products reaching users is too high. Internet mode : combination of online and offline + F2C. This model can achieve decentralization, break the problem of information asymmetry. Shorten Norway Cell Phone Number the supply chain. And maximize the resource allocation efficiency of the supply chain. Internet model will become a trend What the traditional home Norway Cell Phone Number improvement industry needs most is regulation. The impact of the Internet is not because of the price.

Traditional Mode Norway Cell Phone Number Vs Internet.

Norway Cell Phone Number
Norway Cell Phone Number

How to gradually clarify the links that were not transparent before, so that the consumption cost of users is lower and more transparent, this is an opportunity, and it is also a new starting point that Internet + can bring to users. Nowadays, many Norway Cell Phone Number traditional models have begun to be Internet-base, such as online education and online decoration. In recent years, with the development of the Internet industry, the traditional Norway Cell Phone Number home improvement industry has been greatly impacte. Renovation is an infrequent but pitiful thing. Due to the lack of high-quality resources and the unhealthy supply chain Norway Cell Phone Number of commodity content, most of the Internet products of enterprises only provide a broader platform for contact, cooperation and publicity.


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