Capital Is Hot, Jack France Cell Phone Number Ma and Zong Qinghou

No matter what the popular concept, what has change is the technology and tools. But the same is the essence of business. The concept of “unmanne convenience store” is on fire! This is another field that is popular in the capital market after the share power bank. In the past week, there were 2 financings in the field of unmanne convenience France Cell Phone Number stores. With a total financing amount of 130 million yuan. On June 28, Innovation Works announce the completion of an A+ round of financing of 30 million yuan for F5 Future Store, a 24-hour unattende convenience store built on its self-develope robotic arm and background management system. On July 3, Bingo Box. A 24-hour unmanne convenience store that can be replicate on a large scale for commercial use in China.

No Matter France Cell Phone Number What the Popular.

Announce the completion of its Series A round of financing, with a financing amount exceeding RMB 100 million. On the other hand, Wahaha, the leader of the beverage industry, and DeepBlue Technology, which develops unmanne France Cell Phone Number  retail store technology. Also announce that the two parties have signe a Take Go unmanne store agreement of “100,000 units in 3 years and 1 million units in 10 years”; There is also news that it plans to promote the unmanne convenience store launched in cooperation with DeepBlue Technology in more than 2,000 communities. Title map source: Internet Almost at the same time. Alibaba also announce that it will launch the Alibaba unmanne supermarket “Tao Coffee” at the second Taobao Maker Festival in early July.

Announce the France Cell Phone Number Completion.

France Cell Phone Number
France Cell Phone Number

The entry of a large number of giants and capital in a short period of time has quickly accelerate the concept of “unmanne convenience stores”. Lei Jun once said: Retail is a game of survival of the fittest. And it is essentially about cost France Cell Phone Number and efficiency . At this stage, does this novel offline unmanne convenience store retail model really meet the above two essential requirements? Why is the capital market optimistic about offline unmanne retail at this time? Share some of my thoughts. The reason for the popularity of capital 1. Flow depression Everyone should note that the hot money entering the field of unmanne convenience stores is basically base on “Internet capital”. Which is the same as the money investe in TMT in the past.


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