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On the home page, highlight the most read articles. Favorite products and don’t forget to add contact information on the first page of the site. You can even end up on a frictionless contact form. Read also Core Web Vitals prepare your PrestaShop e-commerce site. For the new Google update E-commerce how to monitor your KPIs. By The PrestaShop Team – June , E-commerce jak śledzić swoje KPI. In a previous article. We mentioned the importance of key performance indicators to assess the profitability of your merchant site. Today, we suggest that you study together how a tool can help you monitor data. Follow its evolution, compare reference periods, analyze the relevance of your offer.

Share the lessons of these KPIs internally

And react quickly in the face of any malfunctions. To ensure the effectiveness of its offer and the proper functioning of its site, marketing performance indicators and performance indicators related to sales are essential. Thus, the number of unique visitors, the duration of visits, the number of page views, the bounce rate or the increase in your customer Cambodia Mobile Number List prospect file require your full attention, in the same way as the conversion rate, the basket average , drop-out rate, customer lifetime value, customer retention rate, return on investment, etc. How to track your KPIs? Centralize KPIs KPIs are essential data, but they come from different tools. With Google Analytics , or an equivalent solution, you measure the traffic on your site and deepen your knowledge of the behavior of your customers.

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As for sales data they are stored in the back office

Of your e-commerce software. To facilitate synchronization and correlation, without going through tedious manual steps, there are modules DP Leads capable of centralizing all the data in order to use them within the same interface. Facilitate access to KPIs To be reactive, the teams need efficient access to the data, to have a simplified and instantaneous reading of it, easily exploitable and communicable internally. Here again, a tool dedicated to KPIs makes it easier to read by most often offering a dashboard with the essential indicators, both in terms of traffic and sales , and animated graphics to detail the evolution of your activity per day, per week or per month.

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