But She Was Convincing, and a Month Later He Flew to Mogadishu

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the overthrow of Major General Mohamme Siad Barre, the Somali powerhouse’s president, with the start of a brutal civil war. Mogadishu – along with many other Somali cities – was destroye by clan warlords, arme teenagers and later terrorists, who destroye government institutions, loote cultural centers and destroye its Islamic and Italian landmarks. During the process, they also plundere the city Over the past decade, with the return of stability, Mogadishu has gradually begun to change. New apartment buildings and shopping malls have sprung up, the national theater and stadium have been renovate and historical monuments have been restore.

The Centuries-old City Is in

However, when in 2017 Mr. Degan lande in the city, bouncing off the first structure Venezuela Phone Number he had accepte the airport’s black and blue, brick-and-glass terminal. “In a sunny coastal town, I wondere who built it,” he recalle. “Architecture usually tells us a story – a story of our past heritage and hopes – and I haven’t seen anything here. The centuries-old city is in the footsteps of sultans, European powers, peacekeepers and supporters, and. The question is: how does the loss lead to the recovery of a war-torn capital? How to rebuild a city where terrorist attacks are still common? Can modern structures take into account the nuances of history, culture, and community.

To Get to Know the Capital

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To get to know the capital, Mr Degan, who also speaks English and Somali, embarke. On a so-called “hearing tour” with an Italian accent, involving the city’s young people and other returnees. He also traveled around the country’s major cities, checking. Out local designs and connecting with various communities -at. The same time .Fascinated by visible resilience, he was determined to practice an architecture that celebrates Somali identity and traditions. “I want to restore the sense of belonging that was lost in the war in a modern way,” he said.

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