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The Public Prosecutor can intervene When there are minors or disable persons in a divorce process, the Public Prosecutor may act ex officio; supervising each one of the agreements contracte in the process and; You can investigate if there have been cases of violence and prosecute that crime. We cannot forget that the Public Prosecutor’s Office is competent to defend both minors and the disabld. E) Determine guardianship and custody Until relatively few years ago, the guardianship and custody of minors was generally grante to the mother. This situation has been changing in recent years, and the situation of both spouses must be analyze to see who is left with the guardianship and custody of the minors.

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Previously, the laws favore the mother because she was usually the main caregiver for the children. At present, it is common for both spouses to work, which means that share custody is increasingly grante ; There are even cases where the father obtains Belize Phone Number List custody of the minors. F) Determine the visitation regime If custody is not shard, the relationship of the child with the non-custodial parent must be seen and analyze. Normally, the courts have been setting very broad visitation regimes so that both ex-spouses can enjoy living together with their children. Generally, the most common is that a visitation regime is establishe base n the non-custodial parent.

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Having their children on weekends alternatively with the right to spend the night and two afternoons every week. G) Food pension, compensatory pension and contribution to the expenses of the marriage. According to the Civil Code , parents have the obligation to support their children while. They cannot fend for themselves ; even this situation of care is establishe once.  They are of legal age if they do not have a job. This food right is not only share by parents with their children. But also in an inverse way the children with the parents . Whether or not there is a spousal relationship or marriage, this obligation still remains. For this reason, despite the fact that the other spouse works, the divorce father or mother must pay alimony to the other parent to cover part of what is know as food entitlement: medicine, food, education, etc.

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