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Gone are the days when marketers only advertise on TV and radio, squeeze their bottoms, and hope for the best during a result measurement… Suddenly, Facebook and Google were giving marketers clearly measurable data. They eagerly use it to Colombia WhatsApp Number List accurately reflect the performance of a campaign. For the very first time, marketers chanted out of sheer euphoria.“This campaign drove an X% increase on this KPI!” The art of performance marketing was born.

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What you do is copyable, who you are not The biggest culprit: channel bias It makes sense that over the years, marketers have had a soft spot for audiovisual content (image ads, video ads) to enhance a brand name. This is their first weapon of choice. A 30-second video simply delivers more information, emotion, and activation than a text.

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Too short to leave an impression or too long to focus on. But is it your goal to grow a brand name? Are you sure that Google Ads campaigns can’t deliver the same, or even better, results than a 30-second video? When you advertise, the golden rule is always to reach the right people, with the right message, at the right time.

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