Brands Take Egypt Cell Phone Number Advantage: Ip of Film

No matter whether the IP of the film and television drama is poison or not, we should always prepare an antidote for ourselves, and always remind ourselves not to be confuse by the surface. This is the best of times. For film and television Egypt Cell Phone Number drama IP, capital toute, people “love”, and the moment is the Egypt Cell Phone Number same, especially all kinds of brands, large, medium and small, are scrambling to try to build a relationship with them. Star halo, traffic explosion, super entrance. . . . . The IP of film Egypt Cell Phone Number and television dramas is endowe with great imagination space. However, just as the phrase “all things have spirits” in the third chapter of the Bible warns the world: everything has two sides. Is the IP of film and television really a panacea for unsatisfactory trials?

No Matter  Egypt Cell Phone Number Whether the Ip.

What should brands hoping to make sugar daddy do if they encounter “viral” IP? Film and television drama IP is poisonous, marketing needs to be cautious I’m sorry. When the IP of the film and television drama was jubilant, the Egypt Cell Phone Number bell acte as the little boy who told the truth after seeing “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. Those who are or are planning to bundle the film and television drama for marketing. The Egypt Cell Phone Number film and television drama IP is not “” One trick is fresh, and you can eat it all over the Egypt Cell Phone Number sky.” If you don’t believe me, I say three things. 1. Meteor-style IP may be unsuitable for itself. So don’t expect to cure all diseases Recently, the first broadcast of the Japanese comic adaptation TV series “Late Night Cafeteria” starring Huang Lei encountere Waterloo. According to media reports. Its ratings on Beijing Satellite TV were only 0.

What Should Egypt Cell Phone Number Brands Hoping.

Egypt Cell Phone Number
Egypt Cell Phone Number

On the 2nd day, the score on Douban was only 2.3 points, and 90.5% of the audience gave a one-star negative review. However.  There are countless film and television dramas that have encountere similar embarrassment. For Egypt Cell Phone Number example, Huang Lei’s other Japanese IP movie “The Trouble Family” has a Douban score of only 4.7 points and a box office of only 32.27 million. The “Marriage Proposal”. Which is also adapte from Japanese IP. Has a traffic niche Zhang Yixing’s blessing, but the first broadcast rating Egypt Cell Phone Number is still only 0.5. Therefore, IP is not a magical medicine, and there are often “strange” phenomena such as “acclimatization”. Brands need to be extra careful when taking advantage Egypt Cell Phone Number of the situation. However. After analysis, the reasons for such frequent occurrences are simply: 1. Nowadays, there are too many film and television dramas and too many IPs. But there are still very few really good film and television drama IPs.

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