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Publications such as Computer World offer RSS feed URLs on their sites that readers can follow. Computer World RSS Feeds save  Later in this post.  We’ll take Canada Phone Number a look at tools you can use to follow blogs through RSS feeds. But first, let’s address a key question: What if a blog I like doesn’t have RSS? Many older sites feature an RSS feed icon to make it easier for readers to follow your blog. However, even today’s top websites do not openly promote the RSS feed URL. But that doesn’t mean they don’t support you. Here’s a known fact: all WordPress blogs have built-in support for RSS feeds. If a site runs on WordPress, you can check its default RSS feed by adding “/feed” to the address. TechCrunch , for example, doesn’t mention having an RSS feed on its homepage.

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No RSS button on TechCrunch save  But by going to “www.techcrunch/feed”, we can verify that it is really there. TechCrunch Canada Phone Number RSS feed. URL save  Unfortunately, not all sites use the standard RSS feed URL format. Some sites like Polygon use a different. URL for the RSS feed. And if you tried to check the default URL, you will get a “404 Not Found” error. Different RSS link for Polygon save. The good news is that you can easily find their RSS feed URL using a tool like FeedBurner . How to check a website’s. RSS feed through FeedBurner Google Feedburner save  In simple terms, FeedBurner is a service from Google that allows website owners to track their RSS feed subscribers.

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Other than that, it also Canada Phone Number automatically cleans up active. RSS feeds from any website. For example, let’s enter the Polygon URL in FeedBurner. Adding Polygon URL to Feedburner save  After clicking ‘Next’, FeedBurner automatically presents us with all RSS feed URLs detected on that site. Polygon RSS feed links via FeedBurner save  That’s it – you can now track RSS feed URL in WatcherSpy. I’ve tried this method on dozens of sites that don’t mention their RSS feed. And so far, I’ve always found a valid RSS feed URL that works with WatcherSpy. Still can’t find a working RSS feed URL for your favorite website? If a website doesn’t really support RSS, your best bet is to crawl your social media. There’s a good chance they’ll pre-schedule their social media.

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