Black Hat Vs White Hat in Seo the White Hats Will

In SEO, it is necessary to distinguish white hat from black hat (when they are not pink). To make it very (too?) simple, the white hats will respect the rules imposed by Google (unique texts, work on the structure of a site, etc.) where a Blackhat will have the soul of a hacker to achieve its ends more quickly, flouting Google’s precepts (stuffing, spam on blogs, etc.). The than good on one side and evil on the other. Any SEO will draw on both sides to adjust their methods. This video made byoffers an IRL (in real life) vision of the Black Hat vs White Hat difference, with the chase of two protagonists in a shopping mall. The result is excellent, even if the end is a bit agreed. A good way to understand in a few images the two sides of SEO.

Story Telling, Humour Usefulness Innovation

Digital campaigns are becoming more polished and inventive. If there is no miracle Guatemala Phone Number recipe for virality, a good campaign generally rests on the same foundations. Story telling, humour, usefulness, innovation… And of course creativity and a sufficient budget to produce good quality media and publicize them. already guilty of a very good presentation on thestill gives of his person in this new slideshow. It focuses on the best digital campaigns of the year and offers elements of understanding. What made these operations successful? How do you set up a campaign that works? From Zombie boy for Dermablend to Littel.

Method Which Multiplies the Purchase Price

Guatemala Phone Number List
Guatemala Phone Number List

Thor via Ikea 365, this is a good opportunity to (re)discover the best creations of 2011. Looking forward to even better in 2012. The fake trailer for2showed us what our Facebook actions would look like in real life. The parody of the day focuses on the different stages of e-commerce brought back to a real store. And it’s a real obstacle course! Between forgetting the username, password, session expiration or the shipping method which multiplies the purchase price by three, the obstacles to online shopping are well summarized. Sometimes you have to hang on to finalize a simple order… Especially if the site is poorly designed! It is precisely ergonomics and the path taken by the Internet user on e-commerce sites that this advertising is interested in. And for good reason, since its goal is to promote Google analytics to e-merchants so that they improve their conversion rate. The advertisement is really very funny, and so true!

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