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If that succeeds, it can be said that there are no concerns with regard to transfers outside the EU. In practice, however, this is a gray area. What data is it about? Sharing personal data with the US only includes sharing data that relates India WhatsApp Number List to others. When you send your own personal data to the US, you also give your consent.

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This does not apply to sharing other people’s data with an organization outside the EU. In addition, the Court’s ruling does not mean exchanges. With the US may no longer take place at all. Data transfers without personal data are not covered by the GDPR, and ‘Necessary’, incidental data transfers (for example for a hotel booking in the US) fall under Article 49 of the GDPR and are therefore excluded from the ruling. What should I do now with my current?

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Almost every organization uses an American provider in marketing solutions: Google (Analytics), Mailchimp, SalesForce, HubSpot, you name it. Transferring personal data to the US was not a problem due to the Privacy Shield, but now that that certification mechanism has disappeared, advertisers will have to check much more closely whether the providers of these tools transfer personal data to the US.

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