Bing Integrates Social Networks Into Its Search Results

For years, Google has dominate the search engine market. To counter this hegemony, Microsoft presente Bing in 2009. And if the tool remains marginal, it is place in second or third position according to analysts, three and a half years after its release. According to , Bing would tend to progress in the Unite States, and would represent 25.6% of searches in December 2012. On Facebook, Bing is use for certain search results and the arrival ofwill de facto intensify relations between the two American firms since an agreement to this effect has been signe between Microsoft and Facebook for searches external to the social network.

Consequence or Not of This Agreement

In fact, Facebook will not be the only social network integrate with Bing. But its content Denmark Phone Number List should still be privileged, having a more important place than other platforms. You will find in particular the statuses, comments, check-ins and other photos shared with you. It will be possible to interact directly with the social network, by commenting on content for example. Twitter, Google+, and Foursquare are also affecte. Consequence or not of this agreement, it is the turn of Bing to integrate more data relate to social networks on its search results. Facebook is not the only platform affected by this redesign of the SERPs, but the network is clearly highlighted.

To Use These Features, You Will Have to Wait a

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To use these features, you will have to wait a bit. According to Microsoft, they will be available during the day, but it is very likely that they will initially only be accessible in the United States. However, you can change your country within your account settings. Also note that these social results are only available if you use a Microsoft account, and you explicitly allow the search engine to use your Facebook data. You can do this with a few clicks via the Bing menu, located at the top right of the engine.

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