Behind the Financing Philippines Phone Number

Zanggang successfully completed a new round of. Also, financing, and also introduced a strategic new shareholder “China-Russia Investment Fund”. This Philippines Phone Number is the first time that a national sovereign investment fund has entered China’s B2B industry. In 2016, looking for steel mesh has been fully profitable, and its business income still maintains rapid growth. Another family member of the Yunqi family, Zouyoufirst obtained three rounds of financing from Yunjiu Capital, Yunqi Capital, and GGV Jiyuan Capital within 3 months, and recently obtained financing from DCM, Truck. Also, The investment is worth more than 200 million US dollars. As a B2B. Also, company that has only been established for 2 years, Findyou has begun to make a full profit in the fourth quarter of 2016.

Steel Network and the Oil Philippines Phone Number

While maintaining a monthly growth Philippines Phone Number rate. Also, of 50%. From the development of two B2B companies in the Yunqi family, we have truly seen. Also, the development of startups in this field. The rapid growth of the To C field is easy to become a trend, and the wind can fly as high as it can. On the other. Also, Philippines Phone Number hand, in B2B, the funds and investors in this field ca. Also, nted on both hands in the past two years. When it comes to B2B, most organizations will tell you, oh, we don’t read it, or a few are, we don’t understand it. When the wind blows round by round, from. Also, live broadcasts, bicycles, to charging treasures, what I see are the teams in the Industrial Internet. Also, who are persistently exploring and working hard, and the accumulation and thin hair after.

Industrial Internet That Is Quietly Philippines Phone Number

Philippines Phone Number
Philippines Phone Number

Yunqi’s investment in Zouyou. Also, was in the second half of 2016, but in fact, the first time we met Zouyou was in the second Philippines Phone Number half of 2015. At that time, Qu Kai, yes, the one who later became the 42-chapter scripture, watched B2B with me and. Also, our partner Michael Mao (Mao Chengyu). At that time, the oil search network was very early, and we followed up for a month and decided to pass. The reason is very simple. It draws lessons from. Also, the steel mesh, but the model is not completely aimed at the characteristics of the oil industry. There is GMV but no gross profit can be seen. In fact it is. However, the team of Lao Lu of Xianyouwang a team with vision and combat effectiveness. It transformed rapidly in the first half of 2016, and after.

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