Been Going On

The evolution towards remote working has been going on for a long time 2. We are more productive 3. The call for flexibility is increasing. It Boosts Confidence 5. Remote working brings innovation 1. The evolution towards remote Mexico WhatsApp Number List working has been going on for a long time Remote working is not new, the development started a long time ago.

As early as Going On

Bill Gates introduced the term ‘the new way of working in a Microsoft white paper and the theme has been receiving worldwide attention ever since. Incidentally, there was already an organization that facilitated remote working for its employees at that time: IBM, since 1979. The Netherlands is a real forerunner in the field of remote working.

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In no other European country are so many people working from home as in the Netherlands. Figures from Statistics Netherlands – from before the corona crisis – show that about 14 percent of all Dutch employees work from home on a regular basis and almost 25 percent do so occasionally. It is no surprise that relatively many Dutch people work from home.

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