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Clear tone of voice Anyone who is going to centralize content will soon discover that all kinds of styles are being used up to that point across different channels. That is why there is usually an improvement in the content during this Panama WhatsApp Number List migration. A clearly defined tone of voice is essential. Of course, it is also possible to differentiate within this (per target group or channel).

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Digitally tends to be a bit faster than offline. Combining education with personal information At the moment there is a clear division in many healthcare organizations between patient education and personal information and communication. Information is provided – in addition, to verbally via the professional – via websites, apps, and folders.

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The personal information and communication via. The My Environment of the Electronic Patient Dossier (EPD) and the Personal Health Environments (PBL). In the future, the website and EPD will be increasingly Integra but that will take some time. However, the educational information may well be offer in the My Environment or offered to Personal Health Environments.

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