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In order to investigate the degree of Albania Phone Number correlation. Also, between “projects and scenes”, when investigating this issue, we decided to take the self-service coffee machine. Also, as a sample, and selected two scenes for “Coffee Zero Bar” to conduct a squatting survey. For the other two projects, their respective typical consumption scenarios were selected according to their respective distribution. Also, conditions. At the same time, in order to obtain more comprehensive data, we selected the time of each. Also, day on weekends and weekdays, and conducted full-time squatting from 11:00 am to Albania Phone Number 21:00 am (Fanmeimei is closed on weekends). 2. Research results 01. Sales results 1) Sales volume In the offline research, the peak. Also, period of Fanmeimei is concentrated at lunch time, and the peak period of the other two projects is usually. Also, concentrated at 2:00 to 4:00 in the afternoon.

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At the same time, although Fanmeimei is not open. Also, on weekends, its sales in one day on weekdays are more than two days in coffee and Albania Phone Number orange machines. 2) Product SKU, price and repurchase Considering that coffee is free for the first time, in order to estimate the actua. Also, l selling price, we conducted interview statistics on three items, “whether it is the first purchase”. Second purchase:: 3) Sales In addition to the free times and discounts for the first purchase, we calculate the average. Also, of other sales amounts to get the one-day revenue of the smart retail cabinet. From the sales amount, we can see. Also, that although the unmanned self-service lunch machine is not open on weekends, it is still the first of the three projects in terms of sales volume and sales amount. At the same time, self-service bento machines are also far ahead in the number of daily repurchases, and almost all users who buy bento are secondary purchases.

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Albania Phone Number List
Albania Phone Number List

In addition, we also conducted research on Albania Phone Number whether. Also, users are willing to repurchase. Among them, the users of “Fanmeimei” gave the most accurate replies to the repurchase. Most of the users indicated that they would repurchase. The users of “Angel’s Orange” and “Coffee Zero Bar” did not give an accurate reply on whether they would buy again next time. 02. The relationship between product and scene Conclusion: Scenarios determine benefits. Under different scenarios, users have different acceptance of products In this survey, we selected coffee machines as. Samples Albania Phone Number to conduct research in office buildings and supermarkets. We found that there is a large gap between the sales data of office buildings and shopping malls on weekends. The specific data are as follows: According to Tencent Entrepreneurship Observation, in terms of people flow, there is not much difference between office buildings and shopping malls. Even in terms of number of people, shopping malls are better than office buildings, but coffee sales are nearly 4 times that of weekends.

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