Be Honest And Transparent An Online Consumer

Note that reviews are viewed by more than % of Internet users. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and anticipate their needs and questions. By integrating an FAQ into your product sheet, you increase your chances of reassuring the customer and you limit the risk of cart abandonment . If the consumer has a doubt about the product and does not get an answer, he will risk giving up the purchase. Suggest the purchase of other products In marketing, this practice includes in particular up-selling and cross-selling moving upmarket or up-selling involves offering visitors identical but more expensive products.

Cross-selling or cross-selling consists

Of offering the consumer related or complementary products. In both cases, as you will have understood, the objective is to encourage conversion, while increasing the amount of the basket. has a constant need for reassurance . You must be complete, clear and transparent at the same time . No need to try to embellish reality. Customer reviews will catch Bahamas Mobile Number List up with you. Be honest. You will more easily gain the trust of visitors. . Facilitate contact and information gathering In order not to overload the product page while providing the visitor with all the information he expects, be sure to place links to key pages returns and exchanges policy Contact form. Create a blog Customers like to know they are on a specialist online store . By associating your product sheets with your blog articles.

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You show your expertise and introduce

Your products from another angle. Work on your SEO If a relevant and impactful product sheet increases your notoriety and therefore your SEO, the opposite is just as true By working on the SEO of your product pages, you will increase traffic DP Leads to your listings , which will increase your chances of converting visitors. How to create a product sheet optimized from an SEO point of view ? The rules are common for any type of web page an optimized title and meta description an intelligent architecture based on relevant markup work on the target keyword and long-tail keywords image optimization (use of the keyword in the name of the image and in the alt tag, semantic work in the caption and the text located around the image) netlinking work (internal and external networking) optimization of image weight and page loading speed unique and relevant content, etc.

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