Be active on social media to reach more people

Another great way to increase your traffic for free is to  make a representing your store. Of course, a social media page won’t do much on its own. So you should try to build a following or join in with existing communities that could be interested in your products.

Once people are looking at your social media pages,

you can use these to promote your new products or share current promotions. Some companies use social media as a customer service platform too. Remember to add buttons linking to your social profiles on your Shopify store so users can find them easily.

Boost your Shopify sales with better conversion rates

If search and social aren’t boosting your t, paid ads are a third option to consider. There are lots of options: you could use social media advertising, or sign up Switzerland Phone Number with an ad network like Google Ads. The costs vary a lot, and the price isn’t always a fixed number. So be cautious if you’re new to paid advertising and you have a limited budget to spend.

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Once potential customers reach your Shopify store, there’s more you can do to try and secure those sales. The next few tips are focused on getting your site in tip-top condition — and avoiding common pitfalls that will make people think twice about buying from you.

Make sure your store is good enough technically

Technical problems can cause a lot of negative consequences for your store’s conversion rates. Is your store  for example? Shoppers don’t want to wait around all day for your pages to load — nowadays people expect a site to finish loading in a matter of seconds. And what about If your store is difficult to use for people visiting on a mobile device, you’re at risk of losing a lot of business.

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