Axure Tutorial Icon Italy Cell Phone Number Menu Design With Drag

I saw an icon menu that can be dragge at will on the Internet before, and the effect is very cool, so I wante to use Axure to realize it. After some attempts. The effect is still very ideal. As for what is an icon menu with a drag track. I can’t explain it clearly, please see the renderings below. ( click to preview ) 1. Prototype Analysis First, this Italy Cell Phone Number menu consists of five icons, one main menu icon and four secondary menu icons;Secondly. Click the main menu to pop up or collapse the secondary menu;Thirdly. When dragging the main menu icon, the secondary menu icon will move with the main menu icon and form a motion track. 2. Design ideas About the icon The icons use in the menu can directly use the icons that come with the Axure component library.

I Saw an Italy Cell Phone Number Icon Menu That.

About Click When the main menu icon is clicke. The four secondary icon menus pop up or collapse, and it is easy to think of using Axure’s “move” functionAbout dragging For dragging, the first thing that comes to mind is to use the dynamic panel, because only the dynamic panel can add drag events; secondly, after dragging the Italy Cell Phone Number main menu icon. The secondary menu icon follows the movement and forms a motion track, which is also use. Axure’s mobile capabilities3. Production process 1. Prepare the icon menu This process is actually nothing to say, you can draw five circular shapes of the same size and different colors, or you can import five PNG images of the same size and different content (why PNG, because you have to make sure that your circular icon is not background color). 2. Convert to dynamic panel After selecting the icon menu.

About Click  Italy Cell Phone Number When the Main.

Italy Cell Phone Number
Italy Cell Phone Number

Arrange icon menu The five icons (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) that have been converte to dynamic panels are overlappe and arrange in order from top to bottom, that is, 1 is place on the top, and the order of 2 to 5 can be arrange at will. After arranging it will look like this. 4. Add click event Next, add a click event to the dynamic panel 1 representing the main menu icon. The effect to be achieve is: click the main menu at the beginning, and four secondary Italy Cell Phone Number  menus will pop up; then click the main menu to close the four secondary menus and the secondary menu. Add motion to pop and collapse. (1) Click the main menu to pop up the secondary menu The effect of clicking the main menu to pop up the secondary menu is actually to use the “move” action. When the main menu is clicke, the secondary menus 2, 3, 4, and 5 are move; in addition, the relative position of the movement is set respectivelyn.

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