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To give you an idea, there are basically four jurisdictional orders before the courts: Civil and commercial : they defend private law. Normally there are lawyers specialize in family law and; others in business law. The latter control more commercial relations and contractual relations; while those of family are more of kinship relationships.  Administrative : it is the defense against litigation that arises against the public administration. Criminal : are the trials where crimes have been committe. Social : is the jurisdiction of labor law and social protection.

He Treats You What Concerns He Has

Problem: Specialties Cross Jurisdictional Boundaries The problem with this classification is that on many occasions there are lawyers specialized in companies. They must control: 1) Civil law for contractual relationships and Denmark Phone Number List civil liability; 2) Commercial law for relations between companies; 3) Tax and financial law for taxation (administrative law specialty) and for public bidding issues if it is the case of that company; 4) Criminal law in the face of crimes against the Public Administration and Patrimonial crimes. 5) Labor law and social protection. Likewise, a lawyer specialize in family law is logical to control criminal property crimes, gender violence and domestic crimes.

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If He Is Helpful With His Client

This element must also be take into account when choosing a good lawyer. 11) Do not speak a very technical language A good lawyer must know how to adapt.  His communication according to the demands at all times. During the trial you must be technical and precise; but when the client is lost in his strategy or in his communication, he must know how to explain the same things as if it were a small child. He must be a good speaker, but also a good teacher ; since many controversies between lawyers and his clients are due to the fact that they do not know how to explain their technical knowledge to their clients; causing mistrust on his part.

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