Attractive Presentation Videos Frustrated By The Impossibility

VAT features composition customization options (colors, sizes, etc.) call to action (clearly visible green button). PrestaShop Addons How to create products on PrestaShop? Find out how to create a simple standard product and how to configure the essential elements of your product sheet on PrestaShop Do this training . Take care of the general description of the product Beyond the purely informative aspect which must of course be complete, you must focus your reflection and your design on four elements. A unique description of the product You must have analyze the product pages of your competitors beforehand , in order to identify your competitive advantage.

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On SEO by targeting the keyword of your title and the semantic field associatd with it. A precise description of the product Be exhaustive , while taking care to organize the whole in a digestible way . The reader must feel that the seller knows Azerbaijan Mobile Number List what he is talking about, without feeling drowne in a flood of complex data. Product reviews Always curious to know if the vaunted qualities of the product are really real, the consumer wishes to know the opinions of the customers who bought and used the article. A good evaluation reassures the visitor and gives him confidence in the brand.

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The customer must be able to have access to all contractual information product availability or waiting times delivery delay inventory payment terms Payment DP Leads Terms possible financing possibility of withdrawal in store price in the country’s currency terms and duration of promotions, if any delivery costs delivery methods return methods tick box for the general conditions of sale.  of touching the product, the potential buyer nevertheless wants to be able to project himself. Video can solve this problem by offering an in-person demonstration . If the product seems complex to use, the video will reassure the customer. It is also an asset in terms of SEO . A web page with video content will indeed be better reference, which will increase the traffic on your page, as well as the conversion rate.

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