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Using the output to force the input is the most effective learning. Chatting with friends a while ago. I got a consensus: the knowledge economy market is about to face an “inflection point”. In the second half of the year. There will be a Saudi Arabia Cell Phone Number wave of shuffling, and a large number of courses and platforms will slowly decline. I agree. Because not long ago, I only poste on the Moments, and said with emotion:There are too many courses and not enough students. It’s interesting and frustrating. Why is this so? 1. Flow  Saudi Arabia Cell Phone Number thinking Because many mentors and platforms in the knowledge economy actually adhere to the flow thinking. What is flow thinking? Simply put, it is the pursuit of “more”: to produce more content, attract more users, and obtain more revenue.

Using the Saudi Arabia Cell Phone Number Output to Force.

Continue to do new content, do promotion, attract fans, and get more conversions and purchases. Just like cutting leeks, after one stalk, another grows. The market is so big that just making money from the first wave of users is enough Saudi Arabia Cell Phone Number to support a platform. As for stickiness, repurchase, word-of-mouth, evaluation… These factors are not in their consideration. There is nothing wrong with this, after all, as long as the quality is guarantee, it is valuable. But the biggest problem with traffic thinking is quality. 2. “Too much” often Saudi Arabia Cell Phone Number means not good enough A very simple logic: most of the time, more often means “not good enough”. why? Very simple, good content will always be scarce and will always require extremely high costs.

Continue to Do Saudi Arabia Cell Phone Number New Content.

Saudi Arabia Cell Phone Number
Saudi Arabia Cell Phone Number

This is one of the great evils of the fragmente era: what is easy to touch, easy to collect, and easy to spread is bound to lack depth. Many articles like to use the pattern of “30 XXXX Techniques”, “40 XXXX Methods”, and “50 XXXX Applications”, which often work very well. Because everyone has a mentality of getting something Saudi Arabia Cell Phone Number for nothing: I have talke about so many knowledge points, and one article is top ten, so I like it, and I will definitely collect it! But read a lot, and you’ll find that articles like this often talk about the same thing—and, quite superficially. I’ve taken some writing courses, what are they about? Take Saudi Arabia Cell Phone Number several routines of the title (the basic content of all copywriting primers), what kind of articles are require by different platforms (can’t you just go and see it yourself?), how to mobilize the audience’s emotions (are you not tire?), and so on.

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