Are Some Questions Too Complicated to Answer

When some questions are too technical or if we don’t have an expert on hand, we start by answering the candidate: “we can’t answer you at the moment, we’re studying the answer, and soon of time we will give you the answer. Generally, this can be done within a week… It is rare for people to come back to us worrying about not having had an answer, or finding the delay too long. Even on responses where we were late, we have always had positive feedback, users appreciate our investment. I think they like the process, so they are quite tolerant of deadlines.

Se on Everything That Is Collaborative

Backstage has become a brand. The project has grown in importance, it is a Morocco Phone Number tool that has legitimately imposed itself at the heart of our system. We declined it in lives, which we call Backtage Meetings: we put ourselves in the same context as Backstage, but really this time, with candidates and collaborators. We film the exchanges, these are then posted on the site. At the same time, we are reworking the design of the page, so that the “conversation” content is more highlighted. We want Backstage to have a real logo, we are currently creating a visual identity that we will use on everything that is collaborative.

Making the Company More Transparent

Morocco Phone Number List
Morocco Phone Number List

I think it’s been said, but Backstage is a very nice project… Another recognition for us, to put into perspective but which we appreciate: being quoted in marketing courses, especially in schools. We are pleased to tell ourselves that today we are also a reference in. Our way of approaching candidates and our way of making the company more transparent. The platforms are all looking to attract content creators and influencers. They need them to fill their feeds. Brands are looking for influencers to promote their products or services. Collaborations with influencers have become an increasingly common marketing lever. And there is more and more competition to attract the services of influencers.

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