Apart From These Famous Interviews What Is the Feedback From

When we look at the conversations in more detail, we realize that many candidates are already in the recruitment process. For example, they come to ask questions about a future interview: what will happen there, what questions will they be asked… I think that the candidates do well distinction between the two. It happened, in interview, that some candidates say that they had got some information via Backstage, and bring up the positive side. For them, it is important to obtain certain information on the process, to know where they stand, in a fairly specific application process depending on the profession. They need benchmarks, to know where they are.

Do You Get Feedback Directly

On Backstage, we are extremely happy with the quality of the dialogues. There are Macedonia Phone Number extremely warm exchanges, which often turn into conversations. The candidate comes to ask a question, we answer him, he thanks us, he brings a new question, we answer him again… It was very important for us that conversations be created in a very warm setting, and that really makes us pleasure. Feedback is also very positive outside of Backstage. When we come across candidates in the forums, we don’t always have the answers to their questions. We invite them to come to Backstage, they appreciate the process and use the application.

For Us, It’s Different They Are Candidates

Macedonia Phone Number List
Macedonia Phone Number List

Then, with regard to feedback in a more general way, we are in something quite singular. Because most companies that use this type of conversation do so in a customer format. For us, it’s different, they are candidates. Most companies set themselves a ratio of responses to provide. Our goal is to answer all questions. We want to provide very qualitative and personalized answers. We wanted to develop personalized exchanges.  In the evening, after a forum, new questions are often poste.

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