Any group can no longer directly enter the school

Any group can no longer directly enter the school in the name of the group, because the regulations clearly stipulate that outsiders must not have a criminal record of specific crimes, and the template also provides signed instructions for entering the school. Only natural persons can sign, legal persons cannot. So can schools invite groups into the school? This where careful scrutiny required at the execution level. Taking myself as an example, the school can make an invitation to the Foundation. It possible to designate or not designate a lecturer. If the Foundation assigns me to the school, it Zhou , not the Foundation, to sign this document.

The person in charge of the school will me

Groups can invited but individuals Kuwait Phone Number who enter the school responsible). So can schools outsource volunteer training to specific groups? There no clear stipulation in the regulations, but Article 8 stipulates that “Schools shall conduct work in accordance with the Volunteer Service Law (abbreviated in the middle, please refer to the attached picture)”, so it the school, not the contracting organization, that responsible.

Please refer to the following picture for a sample of the Instructions for Admission that must signed by outsiders.  Photo Credit: provided by the author of this article 2. Course application and review: The biggest eyebrows in this part that the applicant a teacher or office, that to say, the teaching materials of this person outside the school may indeed prepared by him, but the teacher needs to understand first, and then the course will.

If there any inappropriate or illegal situation

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And may able to talk on the spot or discuss with the students afterwards. As for the review form of teaching materials, in principle, it consistent with other standards for curriculum review conducted by the current curriculum development committee. The course application form as follows provided by the author of this article A sample course review form as follows Credit: provided by the author of this article 3.

Points to note in the process of communicating with the school: Several key points that made complaints all sink into the sea in the past have resolved in this attention, including requiring the school and the competent authority to designate a special unit to handle the complaint, and the complaint must be received within 30 days After the process completed, the re-appeal channel established, the teaching materials made public, it clear that the content rights and.

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