An Original Facebook Campaign to Promote Tourism in Switzerland

Personalized videos are becoming more and more trendy on the web. Many are used for promotion by companies such as or to make fun of certain subjects such as the myth of. This time, it is the Swiss tourist office which is doing his promo. Very well done video from your Facebook account. Simply log into your Facebook account when prompted via Facebook Connect. And there live you see 2 Swiss milk producers, who consult and comment on your profile. The concept is quite huge, you see your page on their computer, they consult your photos or even comment on your personal information.

You to the Isolated Cabin! It’s Your

Switzerland had already shown its creativity in terms of communication via . This year, the aim of the video is to promote an advertising Qatar Phone Number campaign to win a week in a chalet with your friends without an Internet connection! You just need to share the link with your friends and complete some formalities. you must say why you must win. Try to gather as many supporters as possible via your facebook friends and choose the 10 who will accompany you to the isolated cabin! It’s your turn

Opportunity to Initiate Life-saving Gestures

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Qatar Phone Number List

Each year, the Red Cross organizes a large-scale campaign to raise public awareness of its actions: this is the National Quest. It takes place from May 14 to 21 this year. Remember that the French Red Cross, with 52,000 volunteers. Was able to distribute 50 million meals last year to the poorest. And actively takes care of the most fragile or dependent people. Of course, donations are always necessary, but it is also an opportunity to initiate life-saving gestures.

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