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Action is a success. Water plants to grow Step 3: Tell your growth story Growing means uncertainty in advance. Renewal and saying goodbye to the old go hand in hand. That is abrasive and can be threatening. So make sure you have a growth story that sticks and that you translate into your marketing objectives. The story of Coolblue is ‘everything Sri Lanka WhatsApp Number List with a smile’ and staff are trained accordingly.

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And the story of Conversation Starter is ‘scalability’. Another great example is TakeAway. They first focused on marketing to grow, then on expanding the online platform, and then on further growth by focusing on customer retention. That turned out to be a success story because an optimal growth climate was created: no sluggish club, no hobby atmosphere, and no burnout culture.

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Avoids these three things and allows your business to grow. Every company has its own growth story. That starts with appealing core values ​​that you translate into your desired growth process. In the Oscar-nominated film ‘Mank’ that is flatly expressed. When screenwriter Herman Mankiewicz (‘Mank’) meets up with MGM boss Louis B. Mayer, the latter says that a successful story touches you “in your head, in your heart, and in your crotch”.

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