Although The Heart Of Your Activity Is Digital

Your marketing strategy must take into account the strength of print communication by giving it a large place. Adopt a logic of complementarity by combining print and digital . You will be surprised at the results! Eleven tips to increase the average basket of your e-commerce By Yves Attias – July 16, 2021 Eleven tips to increase the average basket of your e-commerce Do you want to develop your business and increase your turnover? After increasing the traffic on your site and increasing the conversion rate, one of the other levers is the optimization of the amount of the average basket. How to earn more thanks to the latter? Here are 11 methods to successfully increase the average shopping cart of your online store.

Securing your e-commerce site

Although things have evolved greatly in this area, online sales can still scare some Internet users due to fears of piracy. You must therefore reassure your customers by showing them that you have implemented protocols allowing them to make Austria Phone Numbers List purchases in complete safety. Consider integrating solutions such as 3D Secure and HTTPS into your e-commerce site. Be sure to show the visitor, from the home page, that you offer him the necessary framework for safe navigation. He will therefore know that he can make purchases with confidence. This secure climate will encourage them to spend time on your online store, buy more items and not abandon their cart.

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Free delivery The costs associated

With delivery are sometimes obstacles to the conversion of visitors. This is why it can be interesting to offer free delivery beyond a certain purchase DP Leads amount. So you reach a compromise. The customer buys more, which helps increase your sales. He has the feeling of saving money by being exempted from paying the delivery costs. Let’s take an example. A customer will always prefer to spend 70 euros for five products, than to buy three products at 60 euros including 8 euros for delivery costs. He will indeed have the feeling that his expenses are made profitable by the acquisition of additional products. However, be sure to correctly calculate the minimum amount of the basket giving the right to free shipping. Indeed, these should not have the effect of reducing your margins.

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