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The better ordering behavior of old. Also, customers can not only drive the growth of GMV, but also verify the value of the platform. The Russia Phone Number so-called Russia Phone Number penetration rate refers to whether customers can make more purchases on the platform every. Also, month, and whether the platform has gradually become an important procurement channel for. Also, customers. Like Baibu, many customers gradually increase their purchase volume from the beginning to 50% or even more purchases completed on the platform every month. 3) User concentration, which includes the ratio of new customers and old customers, the ratio of large customers and tail customers, and customers of various regions and types of segments.

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The customer structure split helps us. Also, determine the ceiling of the customer group and which customer segments are the main customer Russia Phone Number groups of the platform. At the same time, different types of customer groups will also correspond. Also, to different development strategies and service methods of the company. 2. Gross profit is what B2B companies must pursue now Traditional industries are different from the logic of using subsidies. Also, to acquire customers in the To C field. When you do business, you can make money when you. Also, provide enough value, and you can make more money when your bargaining power continues. Also, to improve. We pay attention to the position of the platform in the industrial chain and the future extension space.

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Russia Phone Number List
Russia Phone Number List

First of all, we care about where the customer’s. Also, needs are, what core value the platform provides, and only when the value is generated can we earn money; secondly, where is the platform better than traditional merchants, and where Russia Phone Number is the efficiency. Also, improvement, we need to use Internet means and technical methods to improve Company operating efficiency. In addition, how big the order collection effect can the platform have, which will generate scale effect. In the future, it will be able to have sufficient bargaining power for upstream and downstream. Similar to Baibu and Looking for Oil, they all gather enough downstream long-tail orders to purchase upstream and downstream on a large scale. Getting a better price can be at least 10-15% cheaper.Also on the ExistenceAlso on the Existence

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