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As part of our series of posts on the theme of the employer brand, we had the pleasure of welcoming Franck La Pinta last week, who had discussed the subject of the  . This week, it’s the turn of Laurent Pernelle, Employer Brand Digital Project Manager at Allianz, to answer our questions. Although work on the employer brand only began in 2010 at Allianz, this does not prevent online activity from being prolific. A serious game, a strong presence on Twitter and Facebook, a new Career space… Laurent explains how Allianz manages this presence on a daily basis, the various actions carried out but also the future issues. Many thanks to him for this fascinating interview.

To Begin, Can You Introduce Yourself

It’s pretty recent if you look closely. The Allianz brand arrived in France in September 2009. Very quickly, a media plan was implemented to Poland Phone Number List highlight this new brand on the product axis and major advertising campaigns made this brand widely known to the general public. It was only natural that in 2010 the decision was taken to introduce. Allianz as an employer and it was in June 2010 that the department was born. Starting from an almost blank sheet, we first wanted to make a digital imprint on our employer brand and it was clear that it was almost blank. There was only one thing left for us to do, define a strategy to deploy this new brand externally and associate the employees internally for rapid appropriation.

How Long Ago Did Allianz Start Working on Its

Poland Phone Number List
Poland Phone Number List

The first feedback is surprising and very satisfying. A single number can sum it up, the number 5. This is the place of our Allianz France Jobs page in the latest ranking publishe on. The Mobile and social recruitment blog. A real good surprise for Allianz. To be totally honest on the subject, we weren’t expecting this, especially since our Facebook page is recent (May 2012). The 6 criteria used for this ranking confirm in detail that we made. The right choices, both in terms of the look and the strategy put. In place to animate it and make it attractive.

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