Allianz and Société Générale Honored for Their Employer

The Italian company Lundquist specializing in business consulting has just published a ranking of the groups with the best online employer brand. A particularly rigorous Top 100 since it takes into account multiple criteria: corporate site, career site, and use of social networks. And in this ranking of companies able to attract or retain the best profiles, two companies are doing well: Allianz and Société Générale. The study conducted by Lundquist on the 100 largest European companies reveals some striking facts about the employer brand in the age of the Internet and social networks. One of the things to remember is that all the companies studied seem to have taken stock of the importance of social networks in their employer brand strategy.

Societe Generale and Allianz Acclaimed

RSNs and mobile portals are still underused in building and promoting an attractive Brazil Phone Number List image among candidates and future employees. Given the growing importance of mobile, there is no doubt that this trend will be reversed very quickly. But what stands out above all is the real awareness of companies of. Together with the importance of the influence of the employer brand online. Most large companies today have a clearly defined digital strategy. The German insurer Allianz, and Société Générale are respectively 1st and 4th in the Lundquist ranking. Dominik Hahn, employer brand manager for. Allianz SE in Munich, and Franck La Pinta, Web Marketing and HR 2.0 manager for.

What is your reaction to this ranking, which honors

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Of course la Société Générale, give us their impressions of the ranking and the evolution of the employer brand concept. As well as we are very proud of this ranking, which comes after two others published at. The end of 2012, one produced by. Dog Finance and the second by Althéa and. Digidust, and which also attributed a very good place to our HR communication actions digital. This rewards the efforts made for nearly 5 years to establish our presence, and confirms. That the strategy we have put in place is the right one: namely to develop segmented communities on well-defined subjects

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