All These Steps Relate To The Organization

Order processing search mass status change, etc. The fields of application specific to each type of structure, each type of business or each type of product can then be target to meet specific needs for better productivity.  structuring and exploitation of data. Well-organize and well-connecte data to your entire ecosystem. The exploitation of data could be summe up as a kind of well-oile and well-connecte piping it is necessary , essential , decisive , but also very restrictive if you do not use the right tools to connect the different stakeholders of your ecosystem (ERP, logistics, CRM, etc. The merchant therefore needs a reliable and efficient solution to process his information.

Once freed from these constraints

With data at his service , he can then open the field of possibilities to devote himself fully to the creation of value where his role is decisive Strategy, positioning of its site Product selection / purchase / negotiation Implementation of marketing Malaysia Phone Number List communication tools Customer relationship (customer management, after-sales service). Thanks to the efficient processing of your data, you can now devote yourself to the development of customer satisfaction, turnover and the full success of your PrestaShop store. Store Commander, the PrestaShop back-office overlay to regain control of your data. All data management issues have been Store Commander ‘s raison d’être for more than years. How can your products, orders and customers contribute to the development of your PrestaShop store.

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Back-office overlay connect directly

To your PrestaShop database, you can, thanks to its three-column screen, change the view of your data to apply mass actions, but also manage your DP Leads back-office more efficiently Bulk edit your data Create very elaborate imports / exports Schedule your promotions Manage your PrestaShop Multistore. Many tools integrated into the solution will allow you to carry out these laborious tasks at all key stages in the life of your PrestaShop site, but also in its day-to-day management. Whether on a one-off or daily basis, but oh so essential to take control of your data, you will be more efficient by using the information contained in your PrestaShop. So don’t hesitate any longer and download.

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