After the Fall of the Friends Japan Phone Number

On August 6, Tencent issued an announcement. Also, announcing that it would stop the services and businesses of its Friends Network. Maybe Japan Phone Number people don’t feel familiar. Also, when it comes to friends., but when it comes to “stealing vegetables”, many people will instantly think of the days. Also, a few years ago when the alarm clock was set in the middle of the night just to get up and go to the website to steal vegetables. At that time, Friends Network was also called QQ Alumni. And another. Also, social networking site, Renren, which was also popular in the past because of the “stealing vegetables” mini-game, has long. Also, since faded. When I opened the Renren homepage, what I saw was no longer the dynamics of my classmates, but a live broadcast room full of screens.

Can Campus Socialization Japan Phone Number

In fact, before 2009, Renren was still called Xiannei. Also, but the renamed Renren has not been favored by the market for a long time. In 2014, Renren’s revenue continued to decline and began to lose money in 2015. As a result, Renren began to continuously try to transform. Also, which is why Renren now specializes in live broadcast business. Once upon a time, the daily activity. Also, of Friends.was comparable to that of QQ, and Renren was regarded as. Also, the Chinese version of Facebook. Now, one of the two has stopped and the other has declined. Is it because the campus socialization road can’t work, or they haven’t found the correct walking posture? The campus social scene is no longer on the PC side. Is the internal strength not enough or the change is too fast? More than ten years ago, various social platforms in China were very popular, and QQ alumni and intranet.

Still Move Forward Japan Phone Number

Which had not yet changed their names at that. Also, time, became popular at that time. Today, the light of QQ, WeChat and Weibo has obscured the social networking. Also, sites that were strong at the time. Even so, the once popular online communities such as Tianya and Maopu still exist, and although they are not as good as they used to be, they are still decent. However, friends.and Renren. which mainly focus on campus socializing, went to the cold winter. There must be many reasons. First of all, the lack of a natural transition between campus socialization and pan-socialization is the biggest pain point. The user cycle of campus social platforms is short and the iteration is too fast. This inherent limitation makes campus social networking sites want to go out of the circle of campuses and realize the transformation to pan-socialization. It is for this reason that the intranet has become Renren, and QQ alumni have become friends.

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