After Setting Up Your Store With A Great Design

The next goal to achieve is to attract traffic to your store. There are several types of traffic you should consider Paid traffic Traffic that comes from paid platforms. Organic traffic Traffic that comes from search engines. Referral Traffic Traffic that comes from other websites. Social Traffic Traffic from social media. Direct Traffic Traffic that comes from listing your URL in the navigation bar. Today, in this post, we will talk about paid traffic and more specifically Google Ads. What makes Google Ads a great choice for increasing your store traffic and conversions? Go on Read on Reasons to use Google Ads When talking about Google Ads.

There are a few main reasons

You should know or take into account in order to take advantage of the potential of this platform Google is the most used search engine in the world with a market share of around % , followed by Bing with between % and % market share. This means Afghanistan Phone Number List that nearly out of people who search for something on the Internet do so using Google. That’s why you should post Google ads on this huge network full of potential customers _clever_ecommerce.png Why use Google Ads? What differentiates Google Ads from other paid platforms like Facebook Ads or Instagram Ads is the way ads are presented to users. With Facebook Ads.

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Instagram Ads the platform predicts

That you might like a product and buy it because of your gender or belonging to a certain social demographic. In the case of Google Ads, the way DP Leads our ads target users is totally different, because Google shows your ads when a potential customer is actively searching for them on Google. This means they are closer to converting in the funnel. _clever_ecommerce.png Why use Google Ads? Like other paid platforms, Google Ads gives you complete control over the budget you would like to invest in new traffic . You can choose how much to pay for each keyword, set a limit, increase or decrease top performing keywords, set a daily budget, set a schedule for displaying your ads, edit ads with titles and description .

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