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Different sports have different tactical paths for market development. The trend of sports socialization starte in 2014. At the busiest time, just search for the word “sports” in the App Store, and more than 3,000 results Finland Cell Phone Number will pop up. However, problems such as unclear profit model, difficult realization, and product homogeneity Finland Cell Phone Number have made sports social products rapidly cool down in a short period of time. Although the public and the investment community are still full of hope for sports social Finland Cell Phone Number networking, investment behaviors and entrepreneurial behaviors have become very cautious. In addition to products such as Gudong, Keep, Feel, About Sports, and Joy Run, more products have left.

Different Finland Cell Phone Number Sports Have .

The reason behind it is nothing more than cognitive biases on product attributes and the maturity cycle of sports development. Sports social products must be able to correctly recognize the design ideas and communication Finland Cell Phone Number modes of the products in order to avoid the fate of silence. 1. Sports social networking is not only a product, but also a media product With the rapid development of informatization. Product mediaization has become a generally recognize trend. Taobao, for example, has develope more Finland Cell Phone Number like a media retail platform today than just a commodity retail platform. And sports inherently have stronger communication attributes and media attributes than physical products. Because Finland Cell Phone Number it is a very typical non-standard product. People’s cognition of it is perceptual.

The Reason Finland Cell Phone Number Behind It Is Nothing.

Finland Cell Phone Number
Finland Cell Phone Number

What does this mean? The commercialization of sports social products has its own uniqueness. The ideas and logic of product design should explore the stronger media attributes of sports. And tend to package social products Finland Cell Phone Number as media attribute products to create stronger media attributes. The ability of communication to influence and mobilize the enthusiasm of ordinary users to participate. From a broad Finland Cell Phone Number classification perspective. Sports are divided into media sports and experiential sports. The target group of sports socialization is also compose of two parts. One is the direct Finland Cell Phone Number participants of the sports, corresponding to the “actor market”, and the other is the onlookers of the sports. Corresponding to the “audience market”.

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