Advertising the Constraints of E-commerce in Real Life

The fake trailer for showe us what our Facebook actions would look like in real life. The parody of the day focuses on the different stages of e-commerce brought back to a real store. And it’s a real obstacle course! Between forgetting the username, password, session expiration or the shipping method which multiplies the purchase price by three, the obstacles to online shopping are well summarize. Sometimes you have to hang on to finalize a simple order… Especially if the site is poorly designe! It is precisely ergonomics and the path taken by the Internet user on e-commerce sites that this advertising is intereste in.

With Our Values ​​and Our State of Mind

To conclude the testimonials of this week dedicate to recruitment 2.0 and the employer Namibia Phone Number brand, we are please to give the floor to the Danone Integration Team, which deals with relations with young graduates, recruitment and sourcing include. To complete the system put in place, Danone has integrate a Facebook page into its strategy. The Danone Jobs page and its 6,000 fans is a place for exchanges, sharing and conversations with students. Far from a fixe and institutional approach,

Resolutely Chosen Danone Because

Namibia Phone Number List
Namibia Phone Number List

Together with the emphasis is on the personalization of contacts and the search for adde value for the fans of the page. Guita Moussazadeh, Recruitment and Sourcing Manager and Maud Richaud, Junior Support and Marketing Recruitment Manager, explain to us in this post the goals sought by the Danone Jobs Facebook page and its integration into the group’s recruitment strategy. As well as thanks to them for these explanations. Keys to the company-student relationship, transparency and proximity allow us. Through this feeling of accessibility that we offer on Danone Jobs. This is how we mark our difference, hoping to attract students and young graduates who will have resolutely chosen Danone because they feel in line with our values ​​and our state of mind.

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