Adjusting your schedule with energy, four ways to bring discipline into your busy calendar

“Focus on focus” is actually to cope with people’s limited physical strength. And it is impossible to devote. The same energy to everything. If you can do the right thing at the right time. In line with your physical and mental conditions. You can take care of your things and your energy to the best of your ability. For example, in the early morning, the spirit is the best. And the state of mind and memory is the best. And many people will use it to memorize english words. If you want to be energetic, you need enough sleep, the right diet, and proper exercise. But most people often can’t do it under work pressure, so workplace expert Katia Verresen suggests that we can arrange our day’s work and rest according to our mental state. To keep an eye on your mental state, ask yourself a few questions: “How is my alertness?


How is my sleep? Do I have time to exercise?

Do I have time to Qatar Phone Number concentrate in meetings? Will I find opportunities to rest between meetings?” and the degree of fatigue are recorded in detail in a table. Verresen suggests that recordings can be continued for three days to a week. Until there is enough data to see a pattern. 2-1 screenshot from the official. Trello blog when we follow these records carefully. We can see when the mental state is good and bad. For example. According to the table. Monday mornings from 9 am to 10 am are. The hours of highest spiritual energy. While fridays are generally lower.During consecutive holidays, the spirit of the second day is the best, and morale will be lower before the holiday. So, you can adjust your calendar accordingly to engage in high-level thinking or solving the toughest problems when you are in good spirits; Exhausted. Verresen reminds that in this “Energy + Period” mode, the correct tasks are put in. Many leaders spend most of their clear-headed time responding to or helping others solve problems, believing that this is the right thing to do, but in fact neglecting more important tasks.

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Leaders’ minds are at their clearest

when they are thinking about what’s going on right now and where the business is going in the future. Leaders can schedule 90 minutes to two hours of “mind-free” time each week on their calendars. This time must be a time of good spirits, and must ensure that there are no interruptions, and no meetings are scheduled after the time period, so as not to be unable to relax. Often the ideas and ideas generated during this period are the source of the leader’s problem-solving solutions and good ideas. And in other easily disturbed times, such as before and after meal time, leaders can use it for communication and interaction with colleagues.

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