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Can you guarantee that Alipay will not have Thailand Phone Number an accident? If Alipay is allowed to develop indefinitely, who will bear the subsequent risks? How big. Also, is WeChat now? On August 17, Tencent released its comprehensive results for the second quarter and interim of 2017. Among its. Also, performance, there is a noteworthy data. The number of combined monthly active accounts of WeChat/WeChat. Also, reached 963 million, and it deserved to become the leader in the social. Also, field. , What is the concept of 963 million? The offline daily circulation of the nationwide “People’s Daily” is only 2.8 million. Also, copies, the offline daily circulation of the upgraded “Qilu Evening News” is 1.45 million copies, and the offline daily circulation. Also, of the county-level “Tengzhou Daily” is less than 10. 10,000.

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While the population of Tengzhou is 1.71 million, the total. Also, population of Shandong Province is 98 million, the national population is 1.375 billion, and Thailand Phone Number the monthly active users of WeChat are 963 million, which means that 70% of the people in the country are WeChat users. There are two WeChat accounts, and one Wechat business person has more Thailand Phone Number than a dozen Wechat accounts. This is an astonishing number. It may not be very intuitive to look at it this way. Look at it this way, 963 million is second only to the population of China and India, and far exceeds the population of the United States. This means that if WeChat is regarded as a country, its population ranks first in the world. three!

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Thailand Phone Number List
Thailand Phone Number List

They are willing to bind Thailand Phone Number their bank card mobile phone numbers. To centralize the Internet. What the government has always wanted to do but has been unable to do, I did not expect capital to do it, and it is easy… The Internet is no longer the scattered sand when it was born, but is gradually centralized. From a commercial point of view, it is a monopoly. The Internet should be a global anti-monopoly and autocratic technology, but the real society is controlled by monopoly and autocracy.

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