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Once the invoice is receive, which they do on the 10th of each month if you excee €50; You will have to wait 60 days to receive the payment. If you excee the amount of €50, you will charge the full amount, leaving the account again at €0. Below you can see the billing data, being able to see the history of all your billing. 9 Simple Steps to create a blog that offers value and attracts more customers 9 Simple Steps to create a blog that offers value and attracts more customers.

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To make money with a website How to make money with a website? Can I install ads.txt on my website? How can I install ads.txt on my website? Conclusions about The Moneytizer For us it is a platform that generates economic returns through advertising that can be an excellent complement to our business. Keep in mind that their Honduras Phone Number List technical service is very fast and in less than 24 hours they are responding to your questions and queries. This support with Google Adsense is much slower. Many bloggers have both advertising system. You just have to keep in mind that to the ads file you will have to create a line for your particular Google Adsense.

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If you have doubts about how to get more out of your blog. You can contact us and we will explain our way of obtaining money with the blog. As we have already indicate in another article, model 790 offere by the Spanish Ministry of Justice.  Is use to pay the administrative fees for the Foreigner Identity Card (TIE) . In this article we teach you how to fill in the 790 form. Before proceeding with the tutorial, we have to take into account that through. This model we can request 3 different certificates with the codes 006, 012, 026. The rest of the codes of the 790 model depend on other instances. For example, 017 are Fees for registration and advertising of associations. Are residence and documentation authorizations for foreign citizens.

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